Beyond the Technology Management™

Beyond the Technology Management™ (BTM) principles are formulated by Aristotle’s theory which states that: “Everything that moves is moved by another.” Each step within BTM is integrated and dependent upon the one before and the one following. The steps focus on proactively observing and understanding how People, Processes, Information, and Technology intersect and interact within the Model of Care. With that knowledge, DeLappe Consulting works with operational and clinical stakeholders to build a deployment strategy that will optimize the integration and adoption of innovative technology within the choreographed dance of clinical workflows.

Our Six Principles for choreographing Technology into the Model of Care

These principles within BTM are the foundation for facilitating the engagement, assessment and evaluation of current state workflows in preparation for future state technology, supporting interoperability of all elements of healthcare, prioritizing clinical workflow and health outcomes for patients.

Develop implementation plans to drive desired clinical and business outcomes.

Staff and providers establishing a culture of shared ownership

Observe workflows how information is accessed, collected, and shared to enhance decision making.

Clearly define both the opportunity and the outcome for each distinct stakeholder group.

Execute on the plan with a focus on alignment, communication, and collaboration.

Work with key stakeholders to identify opportunities for enhancements to the technology and optimization within future state workflows.